GOVERNMENTTime is not linear, it is a quasi-linear sub-manifold… you can tell by the recognizable curve and recurring scenery (insert canned laughter). Life is a differential equation that is working itself out as time passes through it -a dynamic system of numbers represented as matter, sometimes combined into forms with automatonic motion and are even capable of combining multiple experiential inputs into new thoughts and actions.

The Hegelian Synthesis Theory is the basic construct of reactionary problem solving: Thesis+Antithesis=Synthesis (Problem+Reaction=Solution). This process can be used effectively by individuals, but a problem arises when this method is applied to social situations. An attempt must be made to reconcile the oppositional left-wing and right-wing view points, creating a 4th stage: parenthesis (Bureaucracy), which leads to a 5th stage of paralysis (Aftermath)… which then leads back into another problem (Thesis). In other words… government is…

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nice more room to grow

Empire Avenue Tips

eav-bigger-pie-12Empire Avenue has made the “Bigger Piece of Pie #12” upgrade available in the shop today for 650,000e.  This upgrade enables users to invest in up to 1200 shares of other users’ stock (with dessert upgrades that can be as high as 1400).

The new upgrade comes on the eave of [X]Pendapalooza 9, making it possible for veteran eavers who were already maxed out in many stocks to participate in in the event and increase their investments.

I just got my pie. How ’bout you?

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The northeastern US has been facing major gas shortages in the wake of the recent weather emergencies -supply lines are still thin as the recovery effort continues, and the high demand for gas has become a major issue. New York officials have initiated gas rationing as a way to curb this high demand, allowing cars with tags ending in odd numbers to get gas on odd numbered days and tags ending in even numbers to get gas on even numbered days. Seems a little convoluted, but that’s about as fair as you get… right?

There is another route that you could take to alleviate some of the stress of the crisis that would also help expedite recovery efforts… it’s not a popular one, especially in a union state… we could let the free-market work. When the supply of a product decreases but the demand does not, the value and price…

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